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Introducing the Phoenix Rehab Plan, the ultimate solution for anyone seeking comprehensive and personalized physical therapy care. Our program is designed to provide expert care and support to individuals with injuries, chronic pain, and neurological issues, as well as those recovering from stroke.

Benefits of the Phoenix Rehab Plan:

* Consultation with a Physical Therapy Doctor every quarter
* Personalized treatment plan for 3 or 6 months
* Regular physiotherapy sessions once or twice a week
* Expert care and support from highly skilled professionals
* Ongoing treatment and support for patients with injuries, stroke, chronic pain, disc herniation, sciatica and neurological issues
* Comprehensive approach to physical therapy for optimal health and function
* Tailored treatment plan to meet individual needs and goals
* Access to top-notch equipment and facilities
* Improved mobility, strength, and overall physical health
* Increased independence and quality of life

Join the Phoenix Rehab Plan today and experience the many benefits of our comprehensive physical therapy program.

Please fill out the the following details in order to help us expedite your service. The beneficiary is the person in Gambia who will be receiving the service.