What We Do


As healthcare solutions conglomerate, our main focuses are: 

Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) prevention and management - Refers to an essential intervention for the reduction in the risk of diseases not directly transmissible from one person to another. Examples include Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol. With an around-the-clock primary healthcare delivery approach, there is strengthened early detection and consistent availability of treatment. 

Point Of Care Testing - Simple, efficient modern state of the art diagnostic testing readily available at the time and place of patient care. Coupled with an electronic medical record system (AGASTHA), IGH triages rapid decision making, reduces postoperative care time, ensures optimal use of professional time, and enables care providers to share test results instantaneously.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) - Aimed at improving disease management outcomes by helping patients understand their health conditions and the necessary medication. IGH also provides a Medication Action Plan and Therapy Review (choosing the right medication, looking for side effects or drug interactions, ensuring medications are taken correctly). These are carefully monitored with a personal medication record documentation on our RX system and follow-ups by our experienced pharmacists.

Telemedicine & International Triage -  This service connects patients to IGH’s international network of Doctors and Specialists. IGH offers virtual consultations with medical professionals around the world, and patients' personal international doctors. Thanks to our Electronic Health Records System, patients records and information is secured and can be securely shared with specialists when necessary.

Mobile Health Delivery - By leveraging modern technology and transportation, IGH offers a range of healthcare services in The Gambia deliverable from Barra to Basse. Additionally, IGH products ordered online can be delivered anywhere in The Gambia within a short period from completion of an order. 

Supply/distribution of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices - As part of an effort against the dumping of counterfeit drugs into Africa, IGH offers wholesale of USFDA approved Quality Choice products, which range from over the counter medicines to portable medical devices such as Point of Care (POC) tests.  

AGASTHA - The future of healthcare is digital and IGH has a solution to deploy across The Gambia and Africa. With our cutting-edge Electronic Health Records (EHR) management software, IGH offers a smarter approach to healthcare with Agastha. The integrated EHR streamlines office workflow and keeps patients' records safe and accessible.

Notably, IGH has partnered with Bundung Hospital and integrated Agastha as the hospitals’ EHR management system, making it the first public hospital in The Gambia to operate electronically.