About Innovarx Global Health (IGH)

InnovaRx Global Health LTD (IGH) is a business-to-business (B2B) solutions and Business to Customer (B2C) provider formed to become the premier clinical services and technology solutions company in The Gambia. Formed out of a dire necessity for innovative approaches to the delivery of healthcare, IGH serves as a bridge between modern healthcare solutions and affordable access locally, enabling wide-spread access to quality and affordable care to all Gambians and subsequently, surrounding West African Nations.  

With a mission to transform healthcare delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa through accessible, affordable & innovative, patient-centered healthcare, Innovarx Global Health (IGH) was born out of the founder’s vision for a Gambia where access to quality healthcare was not a privilege but a right for all. A Gambia where people continuously invest in their health through regular screening and increased awareness for it is our most valuable form of wealth. 

Registered and headquartered in Charlotte, NC USA, IGH established its first franchise in The Gambia in 2019 in future prospects of franchising in other West African countries. Innovarx Global Health LTD has paved the way for a first of its kind modern and innovative approach to healthcare management in times when there is a growing need and demand for services aimed at effectively managing non-communicable diseases and nationwide access to quality medication. 

The basis of operations is a five-pronged unit consisting of:

  • Mobile Healthcare services, logistics and delivery (Wellness on Wheels)
  • Point of Care Diagnostics, Equipment distribution and Medication/Disease Therapy Management (IGH-MTM) (IGH-QCDX)
  • Pharmacy Retail Operation and bulk distribution (IGH-Rx)
  • Agastha Electronic Health Record Implementation and System process improvement consulting (Infrastructure/ Equipment procurement and medical training)
  • Trans-InnovaRx (Telemedicine/ International referral/ Medical Tourism and Teletherapy)