IGH Story - Nurse's Journey to Niumi & Kaur

IGH Story - Care Plan Visit to Kaur & Niumi 

At IGH, we seek to make sure our quality healthcare services are accessible from Banjul to Basse. Our Registered Nurse Kitim & W.O.W Driver Kaba journeyed long & far to care for our Patients furthest from our facility. 

Kitim & Kaba departed from our facility in Fatou Golden Plaza, Kanifing at 7 am for the 2-hour drive to Kaur. The patients received their quarterly point of care tests as well as their complementary prescription medications.

The Care Plan patient expressed immense gratitude for our commitment to ensuring our services are provided, regardless of the distance. She also mentioned that they indeed have faced several challenges with access to healthcare facilities in the area, and it’s difficult to journey to the Greater Banjul Area for health appointments and that she cannot wait to recommend our company to her neighbours. 

On the way back, Kitim & Kaba made a brief detour to Niumi (North Bank Region). The pair struggled with navigation considering the main road was under construction, but they persevered. They visited the second patient to perform a Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) Test. We must note that before this visit, the patient came to our facility in Kanifing for a Comprehensive Wellness Screening. Unfortunately, our CMP tests were out of stock at the time but she was assured she will be cared for as soon as they are restocked. In delivering our promise, the patient received the test that was owed as well as their medications. 

The patient expressed her admiration for the integrity of the company, as well as the commitment to journey such a long distance to care for her. Her sponsor is her son abroad, and she was glad that he can be assured that his dear mother is in good hands.

“It was the most remarkable journey that I’ve ever done,” Kitim said, “It was very successful because these are patients who really trust IGH; knowing that we left from Kombo to offer them services that they cannot get anywhere else, the patients were so grateful, and I felt fulfilled!”

At Innovarx Global Health we stand by our belief that access to quality healthcare is a human right! Our products and services are deliverable from Banjul to Basse. 

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