Bundung Maternal & Child Health Hospital Agastha Implementation

Innovarx Global Health has partnered with Bundung Maternal & Child Health Hospital to integrate Agastha as the hospitals’ EHR management system, making it the first public hospital in The Gambia to operate electronically. 

Agastha is an electronic health records (EHR) management system that streamlines office workflow and keeps patient records safe and accessible. IGH is on a mission to deploy cutting-edge EHR management software across The Gambia and Africa.

The implementation has effectively been divided into phases. Each phase focuses on one department or ward of the hospital. During each phase, the staff is thoroughly familiarised with the system, important information is explained or demonstrated, followed by a series of scheduled training sessions. 

The Bundung Hospital management & staff have made great strides in the transition from manually recorded data to electronic records.

Phase 1 of the implementation was launched in May 2020, featuring the Antenatal Ward. As of December 2020, Phase 1 has been proven to be a success and the entire department is now operating digitally. Succeeding the completion of the first phase with the Antenatal Ward, Phase 2 has officially been launched. This phase concentrates of the implementation and staff training in the Labor & Postnatal Ward. 

According to one of the Nursing Officers “Implementing Agastha is a wonderful thing. It will help ensure vital information is recorded and the service provider can be held accountable for their responsibilities.” 

Another nurse explained that “the introductory meeting was a great opportunity to address any concerns [they] may have, it’s a great system and [she] hopes that Agastha goes beyond Bundung hospital and is accessible to every Gambian.”

Phase 2 is projected to last approximately three months, and the following phases will follow. 

Innovarx is looking forward to equally successful partnerships with healthcare providers in The Gambia. 

The Agastha Product is available to any healthcare system in the private and public sector as a SaaS yearly subscription model based on the size of the facility. 

It is the company’s hope that the future of healthcare delivery in the Gambia will be built on the solid foundation of dynamic electronic health records systems that increase both efficiency and capacity of all stakeholders.


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